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Newsletter, April 2018
The mission statement of the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences (ULS) is to stimulate the development, acceptance and implementation of methods which can Replace, Reduce and Refine (the 3Rs) animal experiments. The centre facilitates the 3Rs in education and animal research in many ways, by providing information and advice about 3Rs models.

Promoting transparency in preclinical research: preclinicaltrials.eu
Imagine a database in which all animal study protocols can be found. This would reduce the number of animal experiments, enhance collaborations and knowledge sharing, and improve the quality of preclinical research. Such a database is now a reality; at the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht, Mira van der Naald and her colleagues initiated the preclinical trials database: preclinicaltrials.eu.
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Symposium: Improving Science, Advancing Animal Welfare -Towards better In Vitro Practices
On 1st June 2018, the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences will be holding the symposium 'Improving Science, Advancing Animal Welfare: Towards better In Vitro Practices' in Eindhoven. Leading experts will outline the latest developments on good in vitro method practices and discuss the moral and scientific issues related to the use of fetal calf serum (FCS, or FBS). During this meeting, the new OECD guidance document on good in vitro method practices (GIVIMP) will be discussed. Registration is now open on FCS-free.org. Register before May 27th!
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Tail handling reduces the value of reward in laboratory mice
Researchers at Newcastle University have found that picking up laboratory mice by the tail makes them less responsive to reward, suggesting a more depressive-like state compared to mice handled using a tunnel. This finding adds to previous studies that show tail handling can be aversive.
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Call for submissions: EPAA 3Rs Science Prize 2018
The European Partnership for Alternatives Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) has announced a call for submissions for the 3Rs Science Prize 2018. The 3Rs science prize is granted every other year to a scientist with an outstanding contribution to 3Rs. This way, positive contributions from industry or academia are promoted and more scientists are encouraged to focus their research on the 3Rs goals. Scientists working on methods for regulatory testing (e.g. safety, efficacy, batch testing) and applying the 3Rs to those methods may apply for the prize.
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Apply for the 2018 Lush Prize
Entries for the 2018 Lush prize are now open, until Wednesday 4th July. A prize fund of £250,000 is available in five categories: Lobbying, Training, Public Awareness, Science, and Young Researchers. We accept entries from anywhere in the world, for projects which have taken place anywhere in the world.
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Support our activities!
The 3Rs-Centre ULS maintains the 3Rs databases: The Humane Endpoints Websitethe Interspecies Database and the FCS-free Database. These websites contribute to the refinement, reduction and replacement of animals used for research and are free of charge for their users. The website does not receive any financial support and their future relies on donations and gifts. You can help us with keeping these websites available for free by donating a small amount of money for the maintenance and updating of these databases. We are happy with all donations! The 3Rs Program is part of the charitable fund Friends of VetMed, and as such is exempt from any gift or inheritance taxes. This means that 100% of your donation will contribute towards the purpose specified by you.
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Take a look at international workshops, conferences, meetings and online webinars in the online events calendar of the 3Rs-Centre ULS.
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