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Newsletter nr 4-2019
The mission statement of the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences (ULS) is to stimulate the development, acceptance and implementation of methods which can Replace, Reduce and Refine (the 3Rs) animal experiments. The Centre facilitates the 3Rs in education and animal research in many ways, by providing information and advice about 3Rs models.

Improving welfare of animals used in research: a critical necessity
More attention to the welfare improvement of laboratory animals. That is the message prof. dr. Jan Langermans wants to propagate. He was recently appointed professor 'Welfare of Laboratory Animals' at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. He will focus on the welfare improvement of larger animals used for scientific purposes.
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Database on differences between humans and animals helps to reduce animal experiments
The Interspecies Database ( of the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences has undergone a major update. This update can help to further reduce the number of animal experiments. The database provides scientific information about the differences and similarities between humans and animals, making the translation of research for new drugs, for example, more reliable.
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Webinar Replacing Foetal Bovine Serum in Cell Culture Media now available on YouTube
In July 2019, PETA International Science Consortium organized a webinar on alternatives to the use of foetal bovine serum (FBS, or FCS) in cell culture application. Together with dr. Sandra Coecke (EURL ECVAM) and dr. Carol Treasure (XCellR8 ltd), dr. Jan van der Valk of the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences provided information on scientific and animal welfare drawbacks of using FBS and discussed serum-free opportunities.
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Call on human measurement models
The Association of Dutch Health Foundations (SGF) has launched a call on human measurement models. Applicants should be public-private partnerships with at least one Dutch organization. Deadline for preliminary submission is the 5th of September, the full submission should be sent before the 5th of November. Information can be downloaded in both Dutch and English.  

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EBTC Hamilton Workshop Available on YouTube
EBTC and the GRADE Working Group collaborated on the workshop “Integrating Evidence into Toxicology Systematic Reviews” about the application of evidence-based methods to construct mechanistic frameworks for the development and use of non-animal toxicity tests. This explored how mechanistic information can be better organized and integrated into systematic reviews of health risks posed by exposure to chemical substances. The workshop can be viewed online.

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Revision of the ARRIVE guidelines
The ARRIVE guidelines, originally developed by the NC3Rs in 2010 to improve the reporting of animal research, have recently been revised. The 2019 ARRIVE guidelines are now available online. The NC3Rs is recruiting volunteers who are preparing a publication containing in vivo research, to test the revised guidelines. If you are interested in taking part, please contact the NC3Rs.
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ARDF continues to support the FCS-free Database
The Alternatives Research & Development Foundation (ARDF) has pledged their continued support to the FCS-free Database of the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences. In 2017, ARDF provided their first generous donation to the database. The new donation will be used for further improvement of the database and for awareness-raising activities regarding the problems with fetal calf serum (FCS).
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Support our activities!
The 3Rs-Centre ULS maintains the 3Rs databases: The Humane Endpoints Websitethe Interspecies Database and the FCS-free Database. These websites contribute to the refinement, reduction and replacement of animals used for research and are free of charge for their users. The website does not receive any financial support and their future relies on donations and gifts. You can help us with keeping these websites available for free by donating a small amount of money for the maintenance and updating of these databases. We are happy with all donations! The 3Rs Programme is part of the charitable fund Friends of VetMed, and as such is exempt from any gift or inheritance taxes. This means that 100% of your donation will contribute towards the purpose specified by you.
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Take a look at international workshops, conferences, meetings and online webinars in the online events calendar of the 3Rs-Centre ULS.
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